1. Orbital Launch

"I am the first human born in space.
Today I leap."

K_XYZ: The First Human Born in Space:

In a series of transmissions, The First Human Born in Space examines the long term effects of the condition of outer space on the human subject, mind and body. The orbital perspective of the native astronaut provides an alien vantage point on Earth from an environment of pure technological mediation. The project explores the ideology of function as it extends from engineering into the social realm.

The preceding installment is the first of a series of 8 films completed so far, this document outlines the areas of inquiries explored in each film.

Here are the following installments, chapters 2 to 8:

2. Spaceship Mundane

"Dale is an extremely patient and diligent over-achiever."

3. Boneless Machine

"I am floating around."

4. Abstract Scaffold

"Procedure by procedure, I follow the process of procedure."

5. Spectacle&Competition

"The always-on media chaos of the Mars habitat."

6. Modeling Consensus

"I've never breathed an ounce of fresh air."

7. Lowrise

"Good old 'murica time."

8. The Astronaut's Dream

"I tried to dream a cowd."